Our Commitment to the Environment

At Living Wisely, we are committed to considering the environment in all our decisions.

Reselling items that are still in good working condition limits waste and gives previously loved items another chance at life.

By consigning handmade items by local artists, we are providing an opportunity for others to grow their business and show their products while limiting fuel for shipping items from afar.

Our new items are chosen for their uplifting and/or environmentally conscious nature.  Some of our new toys include items made from recycled material and environmentally based science kits.

Even our fixtures and clothes hangers have been recycled, purchased from Portland Store Fixtures, a local company specializing in reselling used store fixtures.

Instead of purchasing our own “company branded” shopping bags, we take donations of your shopping bags, both paper and plastic, so they may be reused.

We use all natural cleaners as well as abstaining from using chemicals or pesticides in our landscaping.

If you come by the shop, you may even see a dog dish of water out front for our 4-legged friends.  Often you may spot a blue-jay taking a bath there as well.

We’ve opted for wind-power through General Electric.

Where possible we’ve used led or energy-efficient lights.  Even our street sign is lit by solar lights.

We are continually looking for ways to increase our efficiency and limit our impact on the environment.


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